Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hope did not want to go to church today. She said it was "too boring". The Dad surprised Hope and me by saying she could stay home with me and just GB and he would go to church. GB had a wonderful day with her Dad- church, lunch, reading, swimming, and Subway for dinner. Hope, not so much. I had a difficult morning, physically. Hope expected me to entertain her and was disappointed when I said "no way!" She was very bored for three hours until MK took pity on her and took her for a walk with Mali. When they got back, MK fed both of them lunch. Hope decided she wasn't eating and tried to sneak her lunch into the garbage. MK caught her and Hope got nasty. Hope had to spend the rest of the afternoon with me. Maybe church will sound better next week? Nah, probably not.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps to get church to sound better, you needed to sing loudly off-key.

[or play music she hates, on repeat, for hours (do, of course, pick something *you* like listening to.)]

Well, hopefully that at least gave you a grin.