Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandson

Mali turns one in a couple hours. MK had a party to celebrate today. It was not the way I have done first birthday parties, and there are things I could complain about or criticize. Or I could share all the positives I saw today.

  • Our extended family turned out; not only Mali's grandparents, but also GB's grandparents, my friends, my daughter-in-law,  my granddaughter, and MK's new friends with their babies. MK and her friends go for walks with their babies four or five times a week. They have play dates, help each other out, and all take good care of their kids. 
  • MK was grateful for each person who came. Things went wrong and she recovered and moved on.
  • GB was close to losing it. I made her official photographer and she was able to focus herself and did a great job.
  • All the kids had a great time and none of them wanted to leave.
  • The child who had dirty underwear, but had lost her poop, wasn't even mine.
  • My grandson had a great time!


Denise said...

Great list of positives! I'm going to have to remember the photographer idea; I think it's just the solution for one of my kids who often falls apart during parties. Missing poop that didn't belong to one of your kids? Now that's worth celebrating!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Happy Birthday to Mali! The photographer idea was great thinking. and ' The child who had dirty underwear, but had lost her poop, wasn't even mine.'
*snort* : )

Ten Beautiful Years said...

Yay for grandsons and birthdays!!!!!!! Sounds like an all around great day!!!!

Karen -AspergersMom said...

I hope the missing poop wasn't in the tub of balls! :-D. Cheers to a good day! said...

Happy Birthday Mali! glad that MK was able to enjoy the day and good thinking Mama to give GB a job