Friday, August 26, 2011


I had so much fun at the Strong National Museum of Play with my Trauma Mamas, that today I am taking my whole crew to the museum. We came up last night, had a nice dinner, and went swimming. It was our one year anniversary with Hope. The Texas parents called. Hope seems to be OK- at least no more RAD them usual. I hope it lasts at last through museum. I am looking forward to the visit.

GB was supposed to stay with Bio-grandparents tomorrow, but they called and said her Birthmother will be there. GB started crying, saying over and over "you won't make me go, will you". I told GB I wouldn't make her go and now the bio's have decided I am trying to keep her away from them. They say I am trying to keep her away from GB. Sometimes, open adoptions are difficult. Yesterday was one of those times.


Lisa said...

Hoping you have tons of fun!

Hate that the bios can't understand that it's about what is best for GB. So glad GB has a great mom that does what is necessary rather than what is popular.

Sunday said...

I agree with Lisa.