Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a Weekend!

I had a great couple of days. Seeing old friends and making a new one (a Trauma Mama, also) was great. We visited The Strong Museum on Friday and it was enjoyable. White wine, homemade nachos, and a big bonfire were just what we needed after the fun at the museum. Time with good friends was just I needed. I feel relaxed and ready for the busy week coming.

The Dad took the girls for a walk across Hudson River on the pedestrian bridge in Poughkeepsie. They had a good time, but sore feet. It seems they didn't put on socks and sneakers when they were told to. The 3 mile walk in their Crocs left blisters on all four little feet. Maybe they will listen next time.


Barb G said...

So glad you got to have this special time with your friends. Nothing like the renewal of hope that comes from TraumaMamas coming together and loving on one another. (((hugs)))

TheLazyJ said...

Good luck with the listening next time. Let me know your tricks if it works! ha-ha! :)

Glad you feel refreshed; hope it lasts a long, long time!!! said...

blisters hurt, good idea to exhaust them though!