Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Is Back Again :(

Today I had a CSE meeting scheduled. I was going to get Hope two more speech sessions  a week. I wanted GB to get a couple more therapy sessions a week. They were both slotted for 8:1:2 classes. I figured I could get it done in under a half-hour. I spent a while sorting out which IEP goals they hadn't met in June and reviewing the most recent testing on Hope. An email from Mrs. V.S. Chairperson sidetracked me briefly, but I did get back to my prep.

I should had known an email from Mrs.V.S. Chairperson meant trouble was brewing. I received an email from GB's DDSO service coordinator. It said that she had spoken to GB's teacher, and while he felt the class was an excellent fit academically, it was not meeting her social needs. This took me by surprise, seeing as I had a meeting with Mr. Teacher less than a week ago. Mr. Teacher and I chatted on FB for over 45 minutes. This is some of what he said.

 There is great evidence that G.B's fullest potential is not being fulfilled in her current setting. I feel that her social needs are not being met. The students in my class are great kids but she has trouble relating with them because of the level and quality of their social skills. They do not match hers. My problem is that I wanted to help her academically but after thinking about it and being honest with myself, I have to consider what is best for her in the long run. That's why I have had a hard time talking about this at length with you.

The net was it is the middle of August and I have less than three weeks to find an appropriate placement for GB and one does not exist in district.

I went to the CSE today. Mrs. V.S. Chairperson was in the room, but she was packing up her stuff and didn't say a word. The committee quickly agreed to upping the frequency of Hope's speech therapy, as she had not met a single speech goal on her IEP last year. There was no point discussing how much counseling GB should receive when we didn't have a placement. I have another CSE meeting Monday morning at eight to work on that. I insisted they block out two hours. This is not going to be fun.


Amanda said...

Know just what you mean. I LOVE my kid but I hate school.

Anonymous said...

Can't GB get social skills outside of school? Perhaps a slightly shorter school day in the setting she has now (since it is an academic fit) and then group classes at social skills place (we have at least 3 options in my city)? Seems that if the school feels the social training is necessary and they can't provide it themselves, then they would have to foot the bill.
Or perhaps a social skills aide in her current placement (someone who would help her navigate the in-the-moment difficulties, presumably not there full-time but often enough to help GB learn appropriate responses.)
i am so not looking forward to the start of school. At least I have no ARDs to worry about (although both kids need at least 504s, so I will worry, a lot!)