Monday, August 1, 2011

Gratitude for YOUR Problems

Today's post is about perspective. As we get involved with the day to day struggles of living, it is really easy to lose sight of all we have been given.

  • Feeling poor? If you are reading this, the chances are you have clean water, healthy food, and a comfortable shelter to live in. Many people in the world don't.
  • Missing the people you have lost? Remember you were blessed to have them in your life. Most people never even met them.
  • Chronic disease have you wondering why me? Look at some of the other diseases you could have. I know I can find a lot of diseases that would be so much more difficult to live with. I'll keep what I have.
  • Feeling unfairly attacked or disliked? At least no one will come knocking at your door in the middle of the night and take you away because they don't like what you believe or say.
  • Is your world intolerant and judgmental to your special needs kid(s)? It sucks, but you are blessed to still have your kids. There are parents who no longer have their kids and would be willing to put up with almost anything to have them back.

There are days when I feel defeated. There are days when the world tells me how wrong I am and how to do it right. There are days when choices have to be made because there isn't enough money to do everything. On these days, and other difficult days, I stop and look at the blessings I have. I look at what went right today.

And, yes, GB and Hope made it on the bus today without a single problem. Some days are easier to be grateful for then others. Still, gratitude belongs in every day. God is always good.


Kelly said...

Amen. Glad you have a successful send off this morning. Have a wonderful day. :)

Story of our Life said...

Glad your girls are off on a positive send off this morning. Hope you are enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet.

I decided I couldn't lay in bed any longer and have been editing pictures from a senior photoshoot I did this weekend. Listening to the boy downstairs play Wii or Game Cube not sure which.

And soon off to sit in the sun w/as much 'skin' as I can bare to show on my deck in hopes of soaking in a lil sunrays and Vit. D.

Thanks for the reminders!

Sarah said...

Amen! Thank you for this. I have been grumpy today, and you are right, keeping it in perspective is SO important.

Sunday Koffron said...

Yes, it could always be much worst. And I am so glad it is not!

Anonymous said...

You make some good points here. I have always been of the opinion that things can always get worse and we should be appreciative of what we have.
However, our country has entered into a troubling time as a result of the 9/11 attacks and the growing power of Homeland Security. We have handed over many of our hard-won Constitional rights to a government that doesn't always act in the best interest of its citizens.
We should have learned this lesson during the Red Scare of the fifties when hundreds of innocent people were accused of being Communist sympathizers and were hounded and villified by power-hungry politicians. The label has changed but the end result is the same today: fear makes us weak and submissive and we fail to realize that Congress is frequently not our friend.

angie said...

amen, enjoy your wonderful girls mom.....i kinda need all this while dealing with my beutiful family that i have been blessed with. love u.

Sharla said...

Absolute truth! Perspective is a gift. I only have to think of the parents who have lost their children to be reminded of the blessing that the struggles I have with mine are.