Monday, October 3, 2011

A Good Start

Both girls started the week in a good space. GB did not clobber Hope at all. Hope, while still poking at full speed, did not rage, get physical. or even threaten this weekend. She still loves ballet. She ate dinner 2 out of 3 nights, and actual let herself enjoy another child. Her homework was still undone and went back to school that way. I told her teacher I would help/fight Hope 1/2 hour per assignment and after that it was the schools problem. Reading is still a mystery to Hope and she does not like having to say "I don't know". GB is enjoying her mainstream reading group. On of the girls in it is someone GB has had social contact with on and off for years. The district needed to be reminded of the aide that is suppose to attend these groups with her, but I think it has been resolved. It rained pretty much all weekend, and I am rained out. At least autumn temperatures are here!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a different phrase than "I don't know" might help? I'm realizing Mr L doesn't like having to say "I need help" so I'm starting to work to help him re-phrase to things like "This is a lot to do, mom - can you lend a hand?"
So perhaps Hope can say "I haven't learned that letter yet" or "Reading isn't one of my strong points" or perhaps use a code word.