Monday, October 17, 2011

Saying Good-Bye

We have been waiting for Mary, GB's daycare/respite provider to come home from the hospital so we could take GB to say good bye. It doesn't look like she is going to get to come home. Ulster Hospice doesn't take their insurance. Yesterday, GB and the Dad dropped off a card GB had worked very hard on, telling Mary how much she enjoyed their time together and how much she was going to miss her. Mary wasn't feeling well enough for a visit, so they just left the card.

This evening, I took GB up to the hospital. Her card to Mary was taped on the wall and the envelope, which said "I love you Mary" was taped right in front of Mary's bed. GB saw the envelope and buried into me, and cried softly. We didn't stay long. The only thing GB would say was "I am so sad". Life is hard sometimes.


Lee said...

I'm sad too; loss is always hard, doubly so for our kids who have all ready had too much of it. Hugs

Sunday said...

Yes, yes it is. So sad. (((HUGS))) and tears.

angie said...

mom, remember to remind her we all need beautiful angels and god chooses those for us. i love you all.