Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Visit with the Pyrs

A volunteer from the North East Pyrenees Rescue came to visit today with her two Pyrs', Emma, a one year old female, and Vasa, a three year old male. Both were beautiful and well behaved. It was quickly apparent that a three year old male was a much better fit for our family than a  one year old female. The girls loved them. They were what I expected. If we were to get one, it would be an older male from a rescue. My husband says "No F#@*in way" and "Get an apartment first". I was already contemplating a two bedroom apartment. Decisions, decisions.


r. said...

So exciting!

Is that GB reading to the dog in the last pic? How sweet.

Maybe it's the angle, but they don't seem to take up too much of the room in that last pic.

And I hear you about the 3-year-old male. I don't know about what Pyrs are like at different ages (I've heard that some giant dog breeds grow for longer and thus are puppies/adolescents for longer periods, but that they also have shorter lives, but I hadn't heard anything about Pyrs in particular), but I know with some other breeds, around 2 or 3 is the age when they finally seem to "settle in" and have more manageable energy/activity needs.

Did your husband get a chance to meet the dogs, or is he just going off the idea of them?

Cynthia Wenslow said...

Pyrs are a wonderful choice as companion animals for children. My first pyr was a 4 year old male rescue and he adored all children and other animals. He considered any child part of his flock to protect.

Puppies tend to settle in around 18 months or so.

You do need to brush them every day and you will need a strong vacuum. But the affection and loyalty you'll receive from them is soooooo worth it!

Amanda said...

Our Bronte is half Prys half Lab and a smarter sweeter dog we have never had....LOVE him! He was our first big dog and a BIG hit!!

LOVE your pictures....looks like the Prys were a BIG hit at your house too:)

Anonymous said...

Two bedrooms -- one for you and one for the dog?

: )