Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wanted: Mojo or Therapeutic Big Girl Panties

You ever loose your mojo? The Dad is away, NYS NCLB testing started last week and continues this week, GB starts shaking at the idea of riding the bus, and the baby has 103 temp. So of course, being the experienced therapeutic parent, I cancelled everything and we had a quiet afternoon at home. NOT.

When I picked up the girls, I also picked up a friend from GB's class that had also been testing for 2 weeks and is autistic. GB's friend was close to overwhelmed with anxiety before we got in the van. During our 5 minute ride home he told me dozens of times how stressful riding in the van was. Once we were home, the kids had snacks and he and GB went out on the trampoline. They came back in, noticeably shaken. They had been on the trampoline for maybe two minutes. No, I wasn't out there supervising. I was in the kitchen trying to help Hope cope with a melt down because her Daddy wasn't home (He is never home when they get home from school). The friend wanted to go home. He said my house was too messy. He was right, but I wasn't going to do anything about it at the point. I tried to building with them using the architectural blocks. I tried the Wii. I even tried ice pops. Finally I gave up, called his mother and met her at the local park. GB and her friend played well for thirty minutes and we ended the play date on a good note.

On the way home, GB tells me her friend kissed her on the lips while jumping on the trampoline. She said after that, neither of them wanted to play anymore. I am a play date failure. We will not try another play date until I find my mojo, or at least, my therapeutic big girl panties.


In the Pink said...

Kissing on the lips isn't that bed...I mean to say that you !shouldn't beat yourself up about it. And isn't that just like a guy to get what he wants and then lose interest in the girl. Lol

Amanda said...

I feel for you. We had a couple such experiences and now the only kids who come over, are the ones who get along with my son so well, that the only thing I have to do is serve snacks and drinks.

Erika said...

Brave of you to try. Play dates are HARD.

Accidental Expert said...

I'm right there with you. I too have been told my house was too messy. And my car too. Those kids rarely were invited for a second playdate.

I hope your little one is feeling better and everyone's anxiety is calmed.