Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Only in the World of Special Ed

About a month ago, during GB's Annual Review, the school district denied her door to door busing. I consulted a lawyer, and filed my written protest to both the Director of Special Education and the school board. Having heard nothing back, I filed a notice last week with the school district informing them I was going to the state because they were denying my child a FAPE. Mrs. Very Stupid Chairperson said "Do what you have to do".

On Friday, we had the bus incident with GB and the aide. Yesterday, I spoke with the principal of the school, left the Director of Special Education a handwritten note, ignored Mrs. Very Stupid Chairperson, wrote a letter to the school board,  and mailed  it (signed, returned receipt required).

This morning, bright and early, the Director of Special Education called. GB starts door to transportation as soon as Friday's incident is settled. I asked her directly what changed. She told me that she was all about negotiation and compromise. I pointed out to her she was giving me exactly what I asked for. She said that law suits were expensive and unnecessary.

I hope she still feels that way when she gets my request to add two more individual speech sessions to Hope's IEP.


J. said...

beware of Mama Bear, she will fight you! Way to go!

In the Pink said...

Rock on woman!

Kelly said...

You go girl. No doubt God knew who needed to be GB and Hope's mom. Your awesome!!

Denise said...

I love it! Way to go!

Jenny said...

Yeah!! Way to advocate for your girls!!