Saturday, May 28, 2011

It Takes Time to Adjust

GB was diagnosed with autism six months ago. My reaction was one of shock. That was followed by months of not changing much of anything. I have an autistic nephew, besides my special ed degree, so it wasn't that I didn't what I needed to do. It was more like my brain refused to settle in one spot long enough to think anything through. In February, I managed to contact the DDSO to get a medicaid  waiver. Since she would be 8 before the paper work was done, it would qualify her for lifetime services. I was assigned a service coordinator who has been on top of the process. I have started, very slowly, to look different options to improve her quality of life. I fought the bus company. I signed her up for Challengers softball. I enrolled her in Special Olympics. Today is another milestone. GB starts a social group today.

Since I know the various needs of autism and am aware of the programs available, I started to wonder why two weeks of work took me six months. I came to the conclusion that I was working to incorporate new information into my mental picture of GB. I think, at least to some extent, all special needs parents go through this process when they receive any new diagnosis, even when they "should" have seen it coming. It is not a bad thing. Even though your child hasn't changed, you have. You now have new ways available to help your child. True, you mourn another loss, a piece of your child that will never be typical. That is eventually offset by all the new tools that are available to help your child. .

Wish us luck on our new adventure today.


Amanda said...

Good luck! Yes it can take a while. It's not always our fault though. The wheels of the system need some time to get rolling but once they do, they stay in course, thank God.

Denise said...

I was halfway through responding to this yesterday when I was hit with a lovely virus. Apparently, it was the result of a file downloaded by a young child. I'd be willing to bet who did it!

If it makes you feel any better, J was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He's now a week shy of 11, and he just started his social skills group last December! In my defense, it wasn't initially covered by insurance, and we didn't have the "$1200 payable on the first of each month" to fund it. Still, I agree that it takes time for new diagnoses to settle. Often, there are also various crises that seem to arise, that need to be dealt with first!