Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hope's Night

The first thing I want to say is once asleep, Hope ALWAYS sleeps through the night. Except for last night. Last night she woke up three times crying. She told me she was afraid of the dark. She has been afraid of the dark from the beginning. It wasn't any darker last night. The third time, I finally functioned enough to change something. I put her pillow at the foot of the bed, turned her around, tucked her in and told her it was no longer dark. YOU might not have believed me, put apparently Hope did- she slept the rest of the night.

I woke up this morning to Hope slamming my bedroom door. I asked her what was wrong and earned one of her "mean" faces. I told her to sit down until her father was ready to deal with her. When he came in the room and asked her what the problem was, she told him "Mommy was being mean to me". His answer? "Mommy isn't awake enough to be mean to you".

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning :(


J. said...

me neither, I wanted to stay there all day, to bad it was not an option for either of us!

Denise said...

I love your husband's response to Hope! Sorry you had such a bad night. I hope you can get some uninterrupted sleep tonight!

Trauma Mama said...

I hate waking up to grumpy kids. Yuck!

Acceptance with Joy said...

I so understand your pain!!! We've had one horrendous kiddo at our house all DAY!! I escaped to town and let dad deal with it. She refused to follow his instructions for 3 hours. He just sat and waited... Finally she did what he asked, then I came home and she tried the same thing on me. Only I didn't have the patience to wait and told her if she wasn't willing to do anything I asked then she had to go outside. Sent her out screaming. Called her in for supper.... it's past supper and she's still crying her blues on the stairs.

So.... sounds like we had similar insanity filled days. Hope yours got better. Tomorrow can be different. :-)

Amanda said...

It was a good answer. I noticed it helps not to look particularly impressed when kids say provocative things.

Story of our Life said...

(((HUGS))) Hope today is better.

Love Ya!!