Sunday, May 29, 2011

God Is Good

It is early Sunday morning and the house is quiet. Soon GB will be up and the morning will really start. Before I go to church, I sometimes find it helpful to write down the good things in my life. I thought I would share them this morning.

  • My husband is the kind of man that would drive 4 hours to pick up friends who were unexpectedly stuck at the airport.
  • GB loved the social group yesterday. There was one boy in particular that she hit it off with.
  • Hope has made progress. She is still nasty and physical and tantrums for long periods of time, but usually can turn it off in a nano second if the carrot/stick is big enough.
  • Mali has been sick for 7 days, but so far hasn't had to be hospitalized.
  • Hope was sent home from school with pink eye Friday, but we got her right in to the doctors and he said she didn't have it.
  • The Dad went on a field trip with Hope's class this week and had multiple opportunities to chat with her class' therapist. The therapist said Hope was starting to talk about feelings regarding her first adoptive family.
  • I am at 15.5/500 in Corey's challenge to raise funds for Trauma Mama's who need help getting to Orlando.
  • I am at 15.5/500 in spite of my current physical health.
  • My granddaughter, who does Girls on the Run, cut 12 minutes off her time, comparing this year's 5k to last year's 5k.
  • I have Soul Sisters on my side!


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Amen : )

In the Pink said...

Wonderful...simply wonderful to hear that so many blessings are going on in your life.

Amanda said...

This is a good list. Happy Sunday!

Denise said...

Great list! So glad that GB loved the social group!