Friday, September 2, 2011

Famous Last Words.

It is day four  of the Dad's trip to Michigan. Hope isn't doing a whole lot better today, but I am. So far, at least. Yesterday, her whiny cry hit me like nails on a blackboard. Today, I am ignoring it with little effort. We were going to go shopping for first day of school dresses today, but I chose not to. This started GB whining, but I am not responding to her whining either. I know school starting on Tuesday is contributing to the girls' instability. The Dad comes home tomorrow night. Until then, I am trying to keep everything low key. Hope still needs to stay in line of sight and is very unhappy about the restriction. She has been forcing herself to cry for the last 45 minutes- but every couple of minutes, she forgets she is crying and has to start over again. She hasn't hit me today, so I think today has to count as a better day.

Famous last words. As Hope was crying and I was typing, she asked to color. I told her when she was done crying, we would talk about it. She instantly started raging. For almost an hour, she attacked me. I am bruised, welted and bloody. I finally gave up trying to restrain her and got out the Papoose board. At the sight of it she stopped raging. Just like that. If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed it.

Maybe it was the blog jinx - before I even posted?


Acceptance with Joy said...

maybe you need to let her see that board more often!!!

sorry about your bruises!

Kristin said...

I agree with another commenter - put that board high enough where it can't have an accident, but that it's in view all of the time.

Sunday said...

Hum, sounds to me like she has more control than she is letting on…

Sorry it has been so rough!