Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Patience, my A&&

The Director of Special Education was suppose to call me yesterday to set up a CSE on GB THIS week. She didn't. I stopped by her office and called three times... nothing. This morning, I called the office and refused to take no for an answer. The secretary finally came back and said the Director said GB would have the same placement, a new reading program and it was unnecessary for the CSE to meet. The secretary said if I disagreed, I should leave a voice mail with Mrs. Very Stupid Chairperson.  My concerns had N.O.T.H.I.N.G to do with reading. I told the secretary I want a CSE meeting THIS week, with the Director as the Chairperson. It is already Wednesday, but that is not my problem. Two days into the school year, and my blood pressure is sky high.

I hear my mother's voice , echoing in my head, "Patience is a virtue". Patience, my A&&, I am going to kill somebody. Sigh. Or at least spend lots of money hiring a lawyer again. It shouldn't be this hard.

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Kelley said...

I am so sorry sweetheart! It definitely should be that hard. I agree. You wonder why people are in those jobs if the best interest of the student is not their priority. Good luck! Kick some butt and take some names :) Love you!

Joe said...

Hey, that's my (Stilgar's)line! Remember you are not alone in this battle.

beemommy said...

Try this website before hiring a lawyer....

You probably already have. Hugs, jeri

Struggling to Stand said...

Well, you could start by telling them "If we don't meet this week, I'll be coming back with a lawyer." Especially since you really are thinking that direction anyway.

Thought: maybe the patience thing is about waiting for the best time to pull the rope that makes Mrs VSC fall flat on her face in front of her boss? (Well, one can wish.)

Barb G said...

I'm sorry, my friend. Gosh how I hate the school year blues! For all of us. :-/

Since our son's apathy at school has be 'outed' his behavior has tanked. *sigh*

Praying for swift results, before you have to kick someone in the butt.