Friday, September 9, 2011

A Phone Call From GB's Birth Mother

Today, I received a phone call from GB's birth mother. First phone call in over 4 years. She didn't ask how GB was, didn't even want to talk to GB. She called because her 5 year old, who attended special ed preschool, hasn't started kindergarten yet. The school district told her they couldn't schedule a CSE meeting for him until the spring. She wants me to be their educational advocate. We spoke for almost twenty minutes and she never mentioned GB. I told her I would consider it and get back to her. It was the strangest phone call...


Barb G said...

My husband met our son's birth mother and grandmother at a DCS office where one of the meetings was held, while we were still fostering him. When he was introduced by the social worker as G's foster day, neither of them asked one question about the child. Not one. Just made small conversation. I agree. Weird.

Sunday said...

I love the new look!

That is strange indeed. Maybe it was too awkward for her??? But then isn't asking your child's new mommy for help with a kept child?

Miz Kizzle said...

Bizarre. But then asking how someone is doing is a social nicety that some people are unable/unwilling to perform. I doubt she cares on any deep level how GB is doing; her focus is getting what SHE wants NOW!
If she were a higher-functioning sociopath she would sweet talk you and profess to be interested in GB before getting to her real reason for calling.
At least now you know what her priorities are.
Did you tell GB that she called?

GB's Mom said...

Miz Kizzle- I did not tell GB her BM called. Right now she has no interest in going to see her grandparents if her BM is going to be there. I suspect she will want to ask her questions as she gets older. Right now she doesn't.

I wanted to invite you to the other blog, but I need an email address to do so.