Thursday, September 8, 2011

Forced Patience

I received a call from the Director of Special Education late yesterday afternoon. Due to more flooding, schools will closed today and tomorrow. GB's CSE meeting is 9 AM Monday. So I will take my patience panties out and wait. On the brighter side, I now have four extra days to come up with my list of things I want for GB.

My mother always said patience was something you develop. The older I get, the less I seem to have. Oh well.


Mamita J said...

Patience sure is hard-earned, isn't it?

I love your new blog look! Very cute!

waldenbunch said...

In some things the older I get the better I am at letting things slide. But in other ways I do have less patience. I can't imagine having toddlers around my house now. We lived through it all but sometimes I don't know how.

You have amazing patience. Don't shortchange yourself.