Thursday, December 29, 2011

Change Isn't Necessarily Good

Some people welcome change. Some people fight change. Change itself is neither good nor bad. It is unavoidable. Nothing stays the same.

This is more philosophical than I am prepared to deal with at this point in time. I find myself with no choice. Hope's behavior is changing. She has always had a tendency to touch everything. She has always been destructive. Now it is constant. She takes everything that catches her eye. She breaks everything she touches. If she is out of eyesight for a moment, she is found in the middle of a mess.

My dilemma? I am not sure if she has made progress and is now working through her terrible twos or if everything has her so overloaded that she has regressed to that age. I guess it is not necessary to know whether it is progress or regression to get through it. I will say that it very hard to baby proof your house against a six year old. It is also very hard to convince people in the outside world that this very normal looking six year old needs to be supervised as if she was a toddler.

Since I am not sure, I am going to choose to see this as a sign of progress.  


Acceptance with Joy said...


I just wrote how I want to avoid asking the twins to do anything different or make changes and advancements because they fight it so bad.

This too shall pass. Think of it as a temporary step towards something newer, something bigger... eeek! Okay, maybe that's not a good idea :-)

Homebirth said...

You are amazing. I pray every day for a zen like mind like yours. I'm a new reader to your blog and I'll be back :)