Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes! I am Psychic!

 I am psychic and yesterday proved it.

 Hope had an awful time getting to school yesterday. I knew she could not hold it together in school, but The Dad overruled me. After I finally got her on the bus, I sent this email to her teacher:

Dear Ms. V.Y. Teacher

 Hope had a very difficult morning. She was extremely physical, kicking and throwing things. I thought of keeping her home, on her mat, but her father chose to send her.

GB's Mom

At 9:40 AM, I received the following reply:

Dear GB's Mom,

Hope walked in crying this morning.  She said that she had a hard morning due to GB.  She said that GB hit her and when I asked where she pointed to her face.  Then I asked if she hit her back and she told me no.  She mentioned GB saying that her backpack was "right there" and she didn't see it.  I am not sure if her rough morning was due to issues with GB, I just wanted to inform you of what she reported to us.  She says she was crying because her dad didn't give her a hug and kiss goodbye before she got on the bus.  She is fine now.

Ms. V.Y. Teacher

Upon reading this email and further reflection, I decided it was necessary to get the Director of Special Education involved. I sent her an email, too.

Dear Dir

Hope is putting a lot of effort into getting GB into trouble. Last week, she bit herself and told Ms. V.Y. Teacher that GB bit her.  This morning Hope was kicking and throwing things and told Ms V.Y. Teacher that GB hit her in the face. I realize you have no control over what Hope says, but I do request that she get as little attention as possible as a response. Also, when Hope bit herself and blamed it on GB, she was walking from the bus to the classroom. I feel it is necessary at this point for Hope to be closely supervised at all times, especially during the transitions to and from the bus.

GB's Mom

When I went to get the girls off the bus yesterday afternoon, only GB was on it. Hope had spit at and hit the bus aide and thrown her book bag at the bus driver. Reasonably, she had been removed from the bus and needed to be picked up at school. The Dad was not happy. Hope's day didn't get any better.


Cassandra Sines said...

I am so sorry! God has given that "wisdom" to know when things are not going to go well!!!!

Ten Beautiful Years said...

You are SUCH AN AWESOME momma!!!!!