Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Need a RAD Sheild

Listening to music is one of the ways GB self-regulates. I recently bought her new headphones and she loves them. She used them tonight, with some success.

I had a tough morning physically. GB fed both girls cereal, took care of Ellie, made sure their backpacks were together and walked out to the bus on time. A success all around. Right up to the 9:40 email from Hope's teacher, Ms. VY Teacher. In the email, Ms VY Teacher told me Hope got off the bus, went straight to her classroom and told her that GB had bit her this morning. Hope had a bite mark on her arm.

To get to my to my point, after exchanging six emails, the real story was that Hope had bit herself and told her teacher that GB had done it to get GB in trouble. She said she was tired of GB always being good.

How do you protect  an autistic, FASD, 8 year old from her  RAD sibling?


Struggling to Stand said...

I know this is a serious question, but I have to say it sounds like a great riddle. Too bad you don't have the punch line. Neither do I.

Smarter teachers who can see that the mouth size doesn't match up? A t-shirt that says "Don't listen to anything she says about me?" Separate busses? Different schools?

I guess my question is how much crap did GB get from the school staff before it was all figured out?

Miz Kizzle said...

As soon as I read that Hope told on GB for biting her I thought, "Uh huh. She bit herself hoping to get her sister in trouble."
Sibling rivalry is hell. I am grateful beyond words to be a singleton when I hear some of my husband's stories of growing up with his next-youngest brother.
Hope is a smart girl. She knows GB is the source of her anger but she has yet to figure out that "being good" herself is more rewarding than getting attention for negative behavior.
BTW, GB is such a cutie. I love reading how she takes care of Ellie. Dogs are wonderful companions.

Kristin said...

Miss Very Young Teacher needs to spend some time with Hope. She should have verified which way the bite marks were going before she even sat in front of the keyboard.