Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Highlights of GB's Week

Life has been tough for GB. When Hope bounces, she goes after GB. In spite of that, GB's week had some highlights.

  • All of her Jordan's wish packages got completed. Jordan thanked her for her help on TV.
  • She made ornaments for all her teachers and specialists, who loved them.
  • When she crumbled on a round-off, all the NT kids in her class surrounded her to make sure she was all right.
  • She did her first unspotted back bend and realized it was easy. The NT kids recognized what an achievement it was for her and celebrated with her.
  • When a NT girl she has been friends with since she was three made fun of her watching Barney, GB was able to shrug and tell her that is what she enjoys.
  • GB was awarded an Effort Certificate for the first marking period.
  • Throughout Hope's tough week, GB continually tried to make things easier for Hope... not her job, but a sign of growing attachment and a big heart.


Cassandra Sines said...

Way to go, GB!

Psycho Mom said...

way to go GB!!!! Awesome.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Awesome GB!! It's beautiful to see a kind heart in the midst of trying moments.

Last Mom said...

Woohoo!!! You rock, GB!

Lee said...

A big heart is always the best in my book. :-) Cheering for GB.

Accidental Expert said...

Way to go GB! What great accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

I'm most impressed with the Barney thing. I think Ms A would still be watching him if others hadn't teased her about it. A shame, because she really loved the show. Wow. GB's got some great self-confidence!

Miz Kizzle said...

My two children in college watch Barney with their friends in the dorm so there, nasty little teasing girl!
Of course my kids and their pals pretend they watch the big purple guy out of a sense of ironic sophistication but underneath I know they still find him comforting and fun just like they did in preschool.

Ten Beautiful Years said...

Thrilled at the list of achievements... happy tears... such progress!