Thursday, November 10, 2011


I received a call from the girls school this morning. Hope had a high AND irregular pulse. Of course, I am still stuck in bed. I called our doctor, got a hold of the Dad, and off he went to pick up Hope. Hope saw the doctor and after she spoke to the school nurse, she ordered blood work. The Dad took Hope to the lab, where she proceeded to flip out. No matter how he tried, he couldn't keep her still enough that the tech could take the blood sample needed. They are home now. The Dad is pissed angry that he couldn't get the blood test done, Hope is busy telling me how it is the Dad's fault, MKs fault, my fault- anybody's fault but hers. I am left here in bed, worried about Hope's irregular heartbeat. UUGH!


In the Pink said...

I hope she doesn't have MVP or anything like that. But if she does there is medicine for it and it might explain her rages. Who knows? I am praying for your little Hope.

Amanda said...

I am so very sorry. Praying for Hope (and you!!)!


Anonymous said...

There was noone there who would help hold Hope down. My 6 year old freaks out everytime she goes to give blood and normally requires 4 adults to hold her down. I hope she gets it done soon. Hug kay

Chrisa said...

Ugh....I hope you get the answers you need soon.

Accidental Expert said...

Blood draws have always been problematic here. I know how frustrating it can be having to go back and to have your child meltdown over them.

Hopefully you'll be on the mend soon, Hope will be able to get the blood draw and the results good ones.