Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things are difficult...

Hope's day at school never got better yesterday. As a result, she is staying at the school while the rest of her class goes food shopping to get what they need to make pumpkin pie. With any of my other kids, this consequence probably would have set off my Mama Bear. I didn't even flinch. After all, I won't take Hope to a food store at the moment. I can't expect her teacher to.

Hope raged about homework last night. Her homework was not complete when The Dad was ready to shop and go to dinner, so only GB got to go with him. A happy GB, an unhappy Hope. I used this time to gently talk to Hope about the last few days. After she blamed the usual list of suspects (with me at the top), she got quiet. After a few minutes, I asked her again why life had been so hard recently. A quiet "I don't know" was her only answer.

Most of her blood work came back yesterday. Her prolactin and a liver enzyme were both elevated. We have started weaning her off the Risperidal. We are not going to try something new until we see how she looks without any medication. The lab did not do the heavy metal test requested. We need to put her (and us) through another blood draw. 

Because of the erratic heart rate, we will need to do a 24 hour EKG. I can not imagine trying to keep the leads in place for 24 hours when Hope is raging regularly. If anybody has some spare miracles to send my way, I would appreciate it.


Vanessa said...

my kids will either say I am at fault or they will admit they are at fault. It's quite a regular thing as strange as it might seem.

I hope she decides not to rage with the EKG!

Heavy metal testing. Can I request the pediatrician to consider doing that testing on my kids? I just wonder.... if their mom was on meth couldn't they be poisoned?

Acceptance with Joy said...

Oh dear. This is Angela at Pearl of Price... Vanessa doesn't have any kids :-)

Medkid said...

Oh no. :( Sorry she has to go back for extra testing. Wish they could use the tubes they already have!

GB's Mom said...

Angela- I don't think there is a blood test that can be done so far after the fact that can detect any prenatal exposures. All they can do now is look for brain damage left behind, usually with an MRI.


Barb G said...

I'm sorry my friend. Praying for you guys. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

How much blood do they need for only a heavy metal test? Could it perhaps be done with a finger prick?

No ideas on the EKG although what springs to mind is "Saran wrap" ... what will the EKG tell them? What actions might need to be taken because of it? I would consider whether the results are worth the extreme hastle (and probably repeated negatated results.) Then again, it is possible the heart stuff is driving her way-past-the-edge behavior.

Could she be having an alergic reaction? Unlikely, I suppose, with her Dxs. Or perhaps a traumaversary?

{{ hugs }}

"Lil Ol' Me" said...

Love you darling.
Friday is just a few hours away.
Pray you are feeling better!!

Wish it could be easier for Hope. And for you!!

I love you!!! said...

love you, hang in there, how many days to Orlando and a real life hug?