Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And The Rage Goes On...

Today is Therapy Tuesday. We went off to the Little City for our late afternoon appointments. Lately, therapy for Hope is a ragefest. Rage before, rage after, rage during, sometimes rage without stop. Hope rages at other times, but Tuesday is a given. It always starts with a control issue. Hope wants to go first, Hope wants to go last. Hope wants to sit on the left, Hope wants a drink.

Today Hope wanted gum. GB gave it to her. Five minutes later, I glance in the rear view mirror. The gum wasn't in Hope's mouth any more. It was on both hands, her face, a loc, her leg, her shirt, and her shorts. Also on her face was the biggest Ain't-I-Cute RAD smirk smile. GB went in to see the therapist first, while I cleaned Hope up. That was the start of the rage.

I don't know what will start next Tuesday's rage. I just know if it is Tuesday, there is rage.


Barb G said...

Wish I could be there to give you a hug. Maybe even a shoulder massage. Praying things are better tomorrow. (((((hug)))))

Story of our Life said...

((((HUGS)))) love you darling. With Barb....wishh we were closer. I'm sucky at massages but would gladly cook a meal (even though I don't cook...I do enjoy making meals for others. how weird is that?) or take the rage-fest queen off your hands...whatever it would be. Instead, I can only hope and pray that tmw is better.

Love Ya!!


(or..next Tuesday is better I should say.