Monday, July 25, 2011

A Good Day

The girls had a good day today. I don't know why it happened or when it will happen again. No rages, no manipulation, no tears. Hope got on the bus with no "help", they came off the bus smiling. No tantrums because the weather canceled swimming. They agreed on a movie and watched it nicely. They played in their kitchen and took turns.

After dinner, we acknowledged their good day by celebrating Christmas in July with hot chocolate in Christmas cups, topped with ice cream. They went to bed easily. I don't remember when their last good day was, although I could look it up. I don't need to. Hope smiled at me and said," This was my first good day ever".

Good enough for me :)


Acceptance with Joy said...


What an awesome gift!




"Lil Ol' Me" said...

Bless your heart!!

and theirs, too!!

Love you!!

"Lil Ol' Me" said...

Bless your heart!!

and theirs, too!!

Love you!!

Denise said...

It doesn't get better than that! So glad you all had a good day!

Jen said...

Don't you love it when good days like this happen? They might be few and far between, but they give us a bit of strength to carry on.

Sunday Koffron said...

Now that she knows what a "good" day looks and feels like, and that she is capable of having one, I expect she'll be having some more...maybe even sometime soon(ish)

In the Pink said...

Such a joy to hear that the girls had such a good day. What a miracle in itself.

Last Mom said...

"This was my first good day ever".
I think many more will be in her future!

Kelley said...

YAY! I'm so happy for YOU! I hope there are many more in the future :) You are an amazing momma. Love you!

TheLazyJ said...

I can almost hear you breathing. :) I LOVE good days, although they scare me; always waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop. So happy for all of you!