Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Much for a Quiet Sunday...

The Dad took GB with him when he took his mom out to IHOP for breakfast this morning. That left Hope (Day 13) with me. Our morning was the same old same old. I lost my therapeutic parenting for a minute, just before lunch. She was screeching (again) about how everybody hates her. I got down to her level and promised/threatened her that if she woke up the baby, she would be sitting in a chair until bedtime. Not quite up to the empty threats I heard as a child, but a shocked look passed over Hope's face and she stopped.

This afternoon, the four of us went to look at a special needs sleep away camp for GB. The first thing that caught GB's eye were the brightly painted rocks scattered throughout the camp. They each had a camper's hometown, how far away it was, and an arrow indicating direction on them. Among GB's favorites were Tel Aviv, Israel (yellow), Austin, Texas (bright blue), and Chicago, Illinois (orange). The cabin we saw had a bright purple bookshelf that GB immediately claimed as her own. The camp had a miniature golf course, a stand on see saw, a very large pool, a stage she danced on with Hope, swings, slides, 3 climbing structures, a large creek, a separate arts and craft building, and a patio for barbecuing. GB loved it. I saw no red flags and the Dad seemed to like it. If we can stabilize GB, the camp looks like a real possibility. The director interacted well with GB and seemed to think it would be a good experience for her. There was no sales pitch and we spent most of the time talking about GB's likes, dislikes and needs.

If we had gone home after touring the camp, I think we would have been OK. We didn't. We stopped to buy Easter dresses, then went for ice cream. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

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J. said...

oh, let's look forward to the fact that it is Monday and that means she is going to school! Have a good Mama is alone morning and put your feet up.