Monday, April 25, 2011

How I am taking care of myself today!

It is the first day back to school for my girls. GB needed blood work before school. The Dad took her and then took her out to breakfast. Hope was not happy. I feed Hope and got her out to the bus, still fixated on how unfair and mean I was because she wasn't getting blood work.

It is our back to usual schedule this week, which means Hope is stuck with me 95% of the time. Hope doesn't like that either. I meet with her teacher Wednesday. I am interested in how much the teacher has picked up on. A friend is sending me a 5 point harness she no longer needs. It is greatly appreciated, since Hope tried to kick out the window of the car again on the way to the bus this morning.

Enough on Hope. Since this is our new normal, I am adding things to my daily routine to relieve stress. I am drinking blueberry-pomegranate juice, watered down by seltzer since I find the taste too strong. I started eating yogurt with probiotics three weeks ago and am continuing. This is big for someone who hasn't eaten breakfast since she was eight. Best of all, I made some of Sarah's sugar body scrub! I chose a drop each of sweet orange and lemon essential oils. I also opened up 3 vitamin E gel caps and added the insides to the scrub, but it not necessary. For the first time in my life, I have smooth elbows and it happened without even trying. I just used the sugar scrub on all the places I don't need soap. It is invigorating and easy to keep up with.  I also scheduled a massage at noon. Decadent!

What will you do for you today?
This version uses almond  extract instead of essential oil


Last Mom said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself! You deserve it! And NEED it!

In the Pink said...

I will work for a few hours then relax at home. It is so good you are able to take some time to get a massage. Oh how I love massages!

Denise said...

A massage! It just doesn't get better than that! Enjoy.

I am juicing today and, if the weather cooperates, I will sit outside for a little while. I had stopped doing things for myself and it's a real effort to step away from the chaos and take a few minutes for me. Well worth it, though...

geralyn said...

Hey you! What you wrote in love on that gal's blog was really well worded and nicely done.

I on the other hand seem to be mushing up my words and not communicating effectively. But on a good note, I had one of those 'lifetime' moments yesterday with my 8 year old and I am still reveling in it and basking in its glory.

Hope you have a stupendous week. See you in Orlando....but not soon enough...only 11 months!