Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adult Children

MK came with us to visit J. For the last two days, I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with them. In most  ways, it has been a pleasure. Both are stable. Both meet their obligations  with a matter of fact attitude. They are thrilled to be spending time with each other.

The snag- they both think they are equipped to raise the girls and if they were in charge, the girls would be "normal" (read not exhibit behaviors that are age inappropriate). MK has apparently forgotten the car ride. J has the same desire to be right as he always had. Neither one has a clue to the disabilities the girls are dealing with. Hope has already suckered J twice,  telling him that GB and X wouldn't play with her. He started explaining to GB and X why they would not be permitted to behave that way. I stepped in and asked Hope what really happened. She told me that GB and X wouldn't play the way she wanted them to.

I am still keeping Hope with in arms length. It gets tiring to fend off J and MK. The Dad has spoken to both of them, but hasn't shaken their core belief that they could do better. I guess I can ignore them another three days. Even with fending them off, it is so much better than the ride here. The ride home showed up in my dreams nightmare last night. Not pretty. When we get home, we will be staying home for a long while.


In the Pink said...

I wish you some form of peace on the ride home. Hang in there. It is hard being around others who think they can do it better.

J. said...

Have I told you lately that you are fabulous! Hang in there

Amanda said...

It's so hard when others *think they know how to do better! Praying for you as you do an INCREDIBLE job because you do know better!!!


robyncalgary said...

beautiful new pictures of the girls, they both look so grown up compared to the previous ones you had on here :)

wishing you luck and sanity for the ride home, and some good rest once you get there

annoying about the older 2 trying to parent but the first paragraph of this post warmed my heart :) change, growth and maturity can happen and be a great thing