Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At Least I'm Making Some Progress...

  • Separate gymnastic classes worked out well yesterday. Both girls did well and enjoyed it.
  • Hope is signed up for special needs swimming lessons.
  • Went to Hope's team meeting. It was interesting. First they took Hope off for height and weight. While Hope was gone I filled them in on Hope's behavior for the last month. Hope came in and I spoke about the environmental changes we have made. Hope spoke up and asked if they knew all the bad things she did. The shrink said no and asked her if she would tell them. She said "no, because then you would hate me." The shrink kept pushing and Hope shut down. I  finally told her didn't have to say anything if she didn't want to. Hope went back to class and the shrink wanted to know if I could set her off. I told  the shrink it was a stupid question.
  • Have a case manager for GB. Filled out reams of paper work today, and probably signed my soul away in the process- the last ten or fifteen minutes I was signing without reading.
  • My pain is a 7 at the moment.
  • Off to get the girls off the bus and go to therapy. We won't get back until almost eight.

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