Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Week

Today was a long week. I received a note home that Hope was disrespectful to the adults in her class several times today. I tried to speak to Hope about it, and she refused to talk. When I wouldn't go away, she snapped at me, " I had a good day! See my prize!" and showed me a little top. I hate mixed messages. I am visiting her class tomorrow. She is not happy. Hope and I took GB to gymnastics tonight. GB went into her class and Hope wanted to watch. I saw her rubbing the chair she was sitting in and went over to check it out. She had a small bottle of hand sanitizer and was smearing it all over the chair. I took the bottle away from her and handed her a paper towel to clean it up. Hope told me I was a "stupid Mommy" and hit me. Not hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to make sure I reacted. I said "Time out" and she was gone. Her Dad carried her to the car and I took Hope home. While GB's Dad was buckling Hope in, GB noticed we were both gone and fell apart. My friend tried to reassure her that her Dad would be right back, but she was too far gone. GB's Dad went back inside and went into the gym to try and bring her back. He held her in his arms for several minutes before she came back enough to hear him. It was 15 minutes before she joined her class. When they got home, GB needed me to process her meltdown with her. She was willing to talk about feelings and told me that having Hope in the house made her worry we wouldn't love her anymore and when we were both not there the feeling took over. I am glad GB will have play therapy, the session after Hope's, starting tomorrow. I wish it wasn't an hour each way. My left hip isn't doing well and 2 hours of driving in one day is sure to set it off.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man what a day. Poor GB...that must have been so shocking when she saw neither parent was there. But what else could be done? I am glad she is able to communicate her fears with you.