Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost There...

I have almost made the day. Both girls are in bed. As soon as Hope stops screaming, I am in bed and to sleep. GB went to play with a friend. Alone. Without Hope. Hope was not happy. She  suddenly *forgot* where toys were kept, how to put her slip-on shoes on, where the toilet was (twice), and the no-touch-the- animals rule. By the time we ate dinner, Hope had no privileges left. After dinner, I told her to get her pajamas on. That started a full blown tantrum. I managed to get her pajamas on and put her on her bed. She started throwing things. I told her she should not be throwing stuff. She said "I will stupid" and threw her pillow at me. I picked up her pillow and put it up. The tantrum turned into a rage. I am waiting for it to pass. The Dad will be home in the morning. I will still be here. I just have to wait for the rage to pass.


Acceptance with Joy said...

OH! You have my empathy!!!

Blessings to you. Have a good sleep.

J. said...

Oh I hope today is a better day!