Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Round with Mrs. Chairperson

We had a CSE meeting for Hope this morning. I went alone, because the Dad is in England. It was short and productive. They started 15 minutes behind schedule and I was not going to spend all morning with this nonsense. Mrs. Chairperson was very busy writing notes from the previous meeting and I was tired of waiting. I asked the PT to start. He said Hope was borderline in her abilities and rather taking her out of the class at this point, he would rather retest her in the spring.  Next was Meg, OT, who I knew because she has GB. She had the same opinion has the PT- retest in the spring. Finally it was the SLP 's turn. She said Hope's speech was that of a much younger child. When Mrs. Chairperson suggest retesting Hope in the spring, SLP said we need to do it now. Hope will be getting speech 3 X a week. The Therapist from Rockland County Children's  Psychiatric Hospital, noted that Hope has a lot of anger, and under the anger was even more fear. He said she was in the right placement.

Mrs. Chairperson wanted Hope to be mainstreamed. I agreed as long as it was during free play and an aide from her class was present. We went on to the IEP and the first goal that went in was that everybody who had contact with Hope was to maintain appropriate boundaries. Mrs. Chairperson objected because the committee could not educate everybody on what appropriate boundaries were. My answer was there should be somebody with Hope at all times who could enforce appropriate boundaries.

Then it was Ms.VY Teacher's turn. She said the last three weeks, Hope's true colors have come out. I asked her why the daily communication book had been coming home empty. She look embarrassed and said she was unable to find words that really fit what was happening with Hope in her classroom. None of it was particularly awful, but by the time the day was over, she had a headache and couldn't wait for Hope to leave.  I handed her my Teacher's Rad Handout (for the second time) and suggested she and her aides read it. It was closer to success than I thought possible. I am content.


Corey said...

Ha! I'll bet Miss VY Teacher is STUPID now! ;-)

marythemom said...

Sounds like you got most of what Hope needs! Yea!!

Mary in TX

Anonymous said...

Keep being strong. You are strong despite days so bad you are thankful for them ending and for the night -- two days in a row.
I am thankful that you know what to fight for. It makes such a difference.

Marta said...

Great ! congratulations