Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful November, Day 11

Last night, GB's Godfather came to talk the girls out for fast food. He was trying to be helpful since the Dad is out of town. I was leaning towards keeping Hope home, as she got off the bus and had problems almost immediately. Time out had encouraged her to pull it together somewhat, and both GB and her GF wanted to bring Hope. I let myself be persuaded. BIG mistake. Home came back screeching about some plastic toy she had lost, refused to say "Thank you" to GF, and demanded cookies. I spent the rest of the evening paying for her going out. I managed not to (visablely) react. GB was thrilled that Hope was not cooperating, as she was allowed to watch PBS for a half hour- there is no school tomorrow- and she didn't have to compromise on what show was on. She still needed her Dad's picture to go to sleep.

GF has been friends with the Dad for a long time. Today, I am thankful for good friends who try to make things easier, even if they don't get it. It is the thought that counts.

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