Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week Seven

Hope wants a hug!

We have now had Hope for seven weeks.

  • She has an excellent therapist    :)
  • She is toilet trained  :)
  • Except when she doesn't  want to be  :(
  • ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) is out in full force  :(
  • If I don't take it personally, it is actually funny to watch her step over the line one teeny, tiny step at a time, waiting for a reaction. It can take her five minutes to exit the living room  :)
  • Take downs are getting to be routine, everyday events  :(
  • The honeymoon at school is showing signs of ending  ?
  • Hope has the teacher falling for her manipulation, line, hook and sinker  :(
  • We have two new fixations in the house *people are always stupid* and *I don't care*itits  :(
  • Hope allows some physical contact  :)
  • The deliberately spilling drinks and throwing food on the floor has made it to the *time-to-deal-with-this* list   :)
  • Hope can count out three of anything  :)
Four months ago, we didn't know Hope existed... we didn't even know we were adding to our family.


Corey said...

Brave, brave Mama!! xoxo

Janine said...

Wow, it's such hard work, isn't it? But I guess you've done it before and have some idea of what good outcomes can result from all that effort. I've not adopted an older child as you have (my two teenagers came into our family as infant foster children) but some of the foster kids come pretty traumatised and need the same constant 'special' nurturing as Hope does - and it's hard work. Keep it up - I'm enjoying reading about your journey. (My 14 year old has FASD - we have that in common and that is why I first started reading your blog.)