Monday, October 18, 2010

Time with Hope

Yesterday was one of those rare days, where for a couple of hours, it was just Hope and I. We played games, without having a winner, we built with the Duplos for an hour, and played mermaids with what we built. We had a snack together and read a book. Hope turned on the TV, but then wandered over for a cuddle. Hope was pleasant and fun to be around. No accidents-on-purpose, no ugly-stupid-mommy. No quivering lip, no new bruises(on me). Hope even got to pick dinner.  Sometimes things are just soooo good!


Jenna said...

Where's the like button? Congrats!

Psycho Mom said...

oh how we need those days!!! good for you both, you both deserved a break. I am glad it was a good day.

Acceptance with Joy said...

yay, yay!!

Need those days.

r. said...

"No quivering lip, no new bruises."

Eek! I know whose bruises you're talking about, but you may want to be careful--that could be taken out of context real easily!

That said, very, very happy to hear the two of you had a couple good hours.

Anonymous said...

It makes you see how much sibling rivalry comes into play. Being alone with each of my boys is almost always better than being alone with the two together -- despite the fact that they appear to play really well together. But the worst is having everyone at home.
Are you able to create regular time one-on-one with the girls? Sounds like it would be worth it!