Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hope's Party

Today was the big day. Both girls did well. The Dad only had to remove Hope from the party once to talk her down. She truly enjoyed being the center of attention. GB and I spent the last day talking about the party and how it was Hope's party and every thing should revolve around Hope. GB had a great time and let Hope  be the center of attention. She didn't lose it until we were home and everybody was moving to fast for her. No rage, but uncontrollable crying. I hugged her and told her how proud I was of how she let Hope be the center of attention. 

GB is sporting a new haircut. She has been so fragile, the morning battles over hair were not worth fighting and she asked to get it cut. So I took her and she got what she wanted. She is worried about what her class will say on Monday. I told she was beautiful and if she liked her hair, that was what counted.


J. said...

wow, great to hear that htey both did so well considering how hard birthdays are for our kids. I think GB looks great, perhaps a special clip or headband might help her feel better tomorrow.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Hope looks like she is having a Truly Happy Birthday: )And GB looks Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I think a nice funky headband would really make her hair cut look more girlie. She is so pretty it really doesn't matter what her haircut looks like. But a good rule of thumb for girls with really short hair is to wear makeup, or earrings, or hair bands and bows to doll it up.

So glad that all worked out so well on Hope's big day.