Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Were Doing Well...

Yesterday was such a crummy day, I lost sight of how well we had been doing. This morning made me painfully aware of it.

GB woke up with a bit of a hang over from yesterday. She settled down a bit after a good breakfast. Hope also ate well. I went to do GB's hair (which required my attention, since when GB is off balance, touching her hair is a trigger), and told Hope to put her sneakers on. The next thing I know, Hope is grasping my leg and trying to bite my calf. I picked her up and put her in the time out chair. She immediately fell to the floor and tried to bite my leg again. I picked her up and that was it- she was gone. I carried her over to the brown chair as she screamed, hit and tried to bite me. I got her over my lap in the airplane position and rode it out. GB ended up combing her own hair and she was proud of it.  When it was time for the bus, I buckled Hope into her car seat, grabbed the book bags and GB and drove the block to the bus stop, with Hope trying to kick out the car window and screaming she was going to kill me.. I gave her to the aide on the bus and reminded her that if she tantrumed in school, she would get sent home.

When I got home, I realized it was the first before school rage since September 14th and it was the first time she tried to bite  me in at least a week and I succeeded in not getting bitten! I am bruised up, but have to admit this is progress.

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