Thursday, September 2, 2010


Two major meltdowns last night; one from GB and one from Hope. GB's was easier all around, so I will start there. GB was given her choice of three possessions she didn't have to share. Two that she chose were her CD player and her Kidz Bop. After lunch, Hope bit her, and I wasn't fast enough to stop it, even though I was in the same room. I told Hope "In this family we do.not.bite" and scooped GB up for some one on one sympathy and snuggles, ignoring Hope. Hope did not like being ignored (good information to have), and decided to go after the things GB values the most- her music. Hope grabbed the CD and GB went over the cliff. She spent the afternoon refusing to look at anybody, screaming when anybody came near her and rocking herself. When the Dad came home, he took  GB out to the hammock and rocked her until she broke down in tears and told him how horrible her day was and how horrible Hope was. Her Dad agreed with her, and told her it would get easier. After 45 minutes of one on one, GB was doing better and we ate. That 45 minutes made dinner late and as we were eating, Hope started falling asleep. We tried to keep her awake so she could eat a little more, but I wasn't really worried as she had eaten a slice of fresh pineapple and finished a yogurt while waiting for everybody to be ready for dinner. The Dad carried her upstairs, got a pullup on her, and tucked her in. A little while later, Hope was screaming she wanted her hamburger (which she never finished), kicking and flailing and she had not woken up. She was still asleep. It took almost a 1/2 hour for it to pass and she never woke up. I don't have a clue as to what was happening.

Hope woke up this morning as if nothing had happened, while GB was still a little leery. I spent all morning with both of them within touching distance. They were doing well enough that I took them in the pool. It was great while it lasted, but Hope pooped all over, and swim time turned into clean up time. Hope didn't appreciate having to leave the pool, but the crying quivering lip only lasted about ten minutes.

This afternoon, there is an orientation for GB's class. She is really looking forward to it. School starts on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

You deserve some hard core sleeping tonight. What a crazy past 24 hours you have had. But it sounds like you handled things great...good job.

Psycho Mom said...

praying for Wednesday!!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

You need a hug Mom ((( u )))

Miss M has had the exact episode that you describe with Hope tantruming while asleep and then not remembering it. It has always occured following a similar experience when she fell asleep in the middle of something such as dinner.

Poor you with poop clean up in the pool YUCK! I hope little Hope did not enjoy helping with poop clean up, perhaps in time it will discourage that.

You are a champ!!!

Integrity Singer said...

night terror. Sissy had them something fierce for the first two years we had her. They were awful. Sorry, not going to sugar coat it. She'd look, act and talk as though she was in her right mind but she would be completely asleep. Full rage night terrors. At the height, we had 8 a night.

no. I didn't sleep.

after that, we learned that Sissy had to have at the bare minimum, 14 hours a night. At 10 years old, she still gets 10 hours every night with two naps a week.