Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anybody Recognize This?

We have noticed that when Hope is stressed out, she gets still, her eyes roll into the back of her head and if you leave her there long enough she goes to sleep. When she comes back, she brings the stress back with her even if it no longer exists. It is like no time has passed, and the stress still needs to be dealt with, when in reality, hours have passed and the stress is long since gone.


Struggling to Stand said...

Almost like me, only the stress goes away when I sleep. I think it is a form of disassociation. I wonder if it is more than simple disassocation (like I do) but less than DID ... I can see it being that "something else" takes over Hope with the intention of taking the stress, but whatever it is is too detached from her that whatever rest the body gets doesn't get translated into her brain ... she would be experiencing it as a "time loss"
[usual disclaimer about me not being trained in anything, not a doc, etc.]

Anonymous said...

I agree. It sounds like disassociation. I used to do this when I was a child (suffering from trauma/abuse). I have PTSD, and still have that 'skill.'

Anonymous said...

Have they done an EEG to test for seizures or irregular brain wave activity, just to be safe that its not neurological?

Mom 4 Kids said...

Miss does this and always has. She would even rage for 45 minutes to an hour and a half, sleep for 45 mintues or longer and wake up and go right back into the rage. She was 2 and half when we brought her home and this was new for me. Most toddlers who tantrum and fall asleep let it go during sleep, part of the problem was they needed rest. That did not apply with Miss.

This behavior has matured with her and seems to be the reason she does not rage at school. Instead of rage she dissassociates "zones out" to deal with the stress.

I have brought this up to EVERY mental health person that has worked with us and they shake their head yes as if they get it but no one has had any suggestion as to what to do about it.

You are doing an amazing job!

Shantra said...

My little E does this as well and is just 13m old. I would love to know what it is!!!!!!!! They wont do an Mri till she is 18-24m