Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News Flash: Hope is RAD!

We have had Hope for 13 days. We have been working full time on bonding and just trying to head of her aggression. This morning, the manipulation started. Hope started crying and screaming. Since she was already within 3 feet of me, I just asked her what she needed. She pointed right at the floor next to her and said "You come here!". I asked her again what she needed. Again, she pointed right at the floor next to her and said "You come here!", but this time followed up by saying  "You come here, then I tell you". The RAD roller coaster ride has begun in earnest.


Anonymous said...

That means she has RAD? Jeepers, all of my kids did stuff like that when they were little. All three of my own personal kids that I grew in my own personal body from tools that my husband and I had lying around the house and whom we loved and cared for from the moment the were born.
I better call them up and tell them they have RAD. Two are in very good colleges and one is at the stable, riding her horse. They're going to be so surprised.

robyncalgary said...

im reading my way through your archives and this "anonymous" is really irritating me already :P