Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turning 56 and my RADishes

Anonymous said...
That means she has RAD? Jeepers, all of my kids did stuff like that when they were little. All three of my own personal kids that I grew in my own personal body from tools that my husband and I had lying around the house and whom we loved and cared for from the moment the were born. I better call them up and tell them they have RAD. Two are in very good colleges and one is at the stable, riding her horse. They're going to be so surprised. This comment appeared in response to this post . Obviously the reader was reading the post in isolation. Yesterday, I turned 56. My husband made the mistake of trying to celebrate it.  Rad was with us. Hope had three "accidents", including one wear she stood in the living and said "I pee" and proceeded to do so. During the day, she looked me in the eye and said "I don't like you", which was followed with an elbow to my face. She caught me off guard and it hurt. I was on guard the rest of the day. She tried headbutting, the running tackle, pushing me from behind, and the good old  fashion kick. Every time GB tried to give me a birthday hug, Hope was pushing her off me.  We had more meltdowns yesterday than in the previous 10 days. GB was hyper and teary. It took her until 10:30 PM to fall asleep. I am glad we see the shrink tomorrow- GB is not stable and hasn't been most of the summer. I remember when my first family was growing up and every special occasion was cause for a melt down. I hadn't appreciated how much better everything had gotten until Hope brought us back to where we started.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous makes a good point that even healthy children display some symptoms at times that resemble dysfunctional behavior. What Anonymous failed to do was read on about how Hope behaves this way at the age of 4 not 2 years old. My niece did the "I Pee" thing once but she was just 20 months old. Hope is 4. Anyhow I may not agree with all the diagnosis but it is not my place. You have done this 40 times and so I trust your judgment.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. see your email

Colleen said...

anonymous may be one of the hundred of lovely people we RAD moms live with every day who say "All kids do that!" Really?!?!? You kids physically harms you daily? Really your child has endured emotional trauma so deep they are scared to form appropriate attachments? Really your child would happily walk off permenantly with anyone?

People dont get it. But I do. So do plenty of others. (((hugs))) to your family. It's not fair. Its RAD.

And you might just have a troll there.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Colleen I kind of love that, "It's not fair, it's RAD." Good one!

We get it sister! Unless someone lives the crazy they can not get it and so looking at any one thing talked about could seem "typical".

I decided to let go of gotcha days. No one noticed. It stirred the pot too much. Hugs to you!

Barb G said...

Happy belated birthday. (((hugs))) Even though those kinds of responses run my blood pressure up, I try to remember that it comes from ignorance. And how blessed that ignorance is!