Friday, July 6, 2012


Four days left until Hope's intensive. Yesterday was not good with Hope. The Dad did not want to put her in respite last night, so she is at work with him today. My body simply can't take getting beat up any more. At six, I don't think she understands what an intensive is, but she does understand that we will be seeing Miss Cheryl everyday we are in Pennsylvania and is terrified. I assured her both The Dad and I would be with her every minute. Her behavior is screaming out her terror. Please pray for us.


Barb said...

Yes, praying for you, for Hope, GB and Joe. And always thanking God for people like you, giving their lives to the worthy cause of rescuing needy little human beings. I have such deep respect for you. You are awesome and you are my hero. Barb

robyncalgary said...

You can do anything for 4 days! ;)

Really hoping this makes a huge difference, shoot a medium size one even.

I'm curious what will the intensive entail? I believe you mentioned before but I'm curious the activities or therapies- like just observation, or will she be taking written tests or certain games/tasks?

All my best <3 thinking of you and your family

Ashley said...

Four days and counting. Thinking of you