Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Intensive Day Seven: GB

Intensive Day Seven was reserved for sibling work. GB, the Dad, and I spent the morning with the AT. The session focused a lot on the Dad and GB because that is the relationship that has taken the most damage from having Hope in our family. GB practiced sharing her feeling's with me, which she did pretty readily. Then she practiced sharing her feeling with The Dad, which was harder for her, but she hung in there. The four feeling words the AT used were mad, glad, sad, and scared. The AT had GB and The Dad talk about what they used to do before Hope and how they miss those things, The Dad made a commitment to GB that they would do more of those things and share feeling. GB made a commitment to try and share feelings with The Dad, which can be hard for her.

The AT brought out a large piece of paper and some markers, The Dad and I traced her body and head onto the paper. Around the outside of the paper, we dictated GB all the things we like  and admire about her, such as the way she always does her best and how honest she is with her feeling. (She added all the stars on her own). When she had filled up the page with all the things we liked about her, The AT had her draw 2 boxes inside the girl drawing. One was GB's Mommy tank and the other was GB's Daddy tank. In each one, GB put things that filled up each of them. 

The outcome was that the AT found GB delightful and securely attached to both of us. One worry somewhat eased.


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Wonderful! What beautiful news. :)

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What a wonderful session.