Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Enchanted Suites Villa: Photo by Carmen Miranda

GB had a smooth reentry. Hope... not so much. Yesterday was therapy Tuesday and Hope was yelling and crying before she got to the door. It lasted right through bedtime. Today Hope came off the bus the same way. It lasted until I put her to bed at 6 pm. I received an email from her teacher saying Hope was caught stealing another students ring. RAD kids always seem to make you pay for anytime you are away.

My time in Orlando was worth so much, Hope's ramped up behaviors are no more than a blip on the radar screen.


Rosalie said...

How was her behavior while you were away?

Kristine said...

Noah gave me 24 hours of joy before he started his crap. *sigh*

TwisterB said...

I can understand from a RAD perspective how scary, frustrating, and angering it would be to have the normal family rearranged, even for a few days. NOT that you should feel guilty about going in the slightest since ultimately Hope's outcome is dependent on your care, and with the way she wears you down every single day recuperation is vital.

Maybe you could just tell her repeatedly that you went on a trip but you are back now because thats what families do, they always come back to each other, and that you thought about her on the trip because she is a part of your family (over and over and over) maybe that would lessen her anxieties/destabilization. Even if she doesnt behave better it might help her understand.