Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bonding Time Ahead

This Friday, somewhere around noon time, The Dad, GB, MK and Mali are flying to Myrtle Beach for my niece's wedding. Hope and I are staying home. Hope is not doing well enough to travel safely. I thought that perhaps three days of uninterrupted bonding time might be good for Hope and I.

Attachment is a two way street. While Hope is clearly RAD, and I am committed to her without reservation, there are too many times where I simply do not like her. I am tired of being called names, I am tired of being a target when she throws things and I am tired of fending off a six year old's manipulations. I am tired.

I want to use this weekend for us to interact without any distractions. No Dad to run to, no places to go. No busyness to hide behind. I would like to end the weekend with some level  of connectedness. After all, bonding is a two way street.


Sheri said...

Good luck to you. Love you!

Homebirth said...

Good luck. Will be holding you both in my heart and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, sounds like my 6 year old. I am currently reeling from a head butt to the throat and 3 "interventions". I hope your time somehow becomes awesome!

Jackie said...

Love your attitude heading into this hopefully healing, bonding time. Praying for you both.