Thursday, March 1, 2012

Constructive Steps

Although Orlando has been occupying my mind most of this week, I have managed to  start  the wheels in motion to get more services for the girls. I finally located an elusive SPOA form. SPOA stands for single point of access, and is the golden key to accessing mental health services beyond what private insurance will cover. Hope's therapist says she will qualify for intensive case management. This will include respite, community access aides, and crisis management. 

I finally heard from the medicaid waiver people for GB. They sent 12 (double sided) pages to be filled out and it has to be returned before March 9th. School was closed yesterday and today, then comes Orlando. I will get the forms done next Tuesday.

The added support is necessary.


Psycho Mom said...

The paperwork is never fun and never ending. good luck with that!

Ranger said...

Hurray for extra services!

Wishing you an easy journey and a wonderful time in Orlando :)

Anonymous said...

I am in Canada. I need help for sure! My kids are bright with very little in the way of developemental delay, so they fall between the cracksagain. As their foster mother, i would have been resourced out the $#%%: as their forever mom, I get $1:80 per diem from the government with no outside help. AHHHH