Friday, January 13, 2012

This morning's conclusion

  • My 29 year old son called yesterday. He was manic and made little sense.
  • Hope had a bad day in school, but came home and had a good a good afternoon and evening. 
  • GB came off the bus with her lip bleeding. It bled through paper towels, tissues, and a face cloth with ice. By the time it stopped, GB was  on another planet dysregulated... nasty, throwing things, paranoid.
  • GB self-regulated by putting her weighted vest on, going to her room and listening to her ipod. When she was regulated, she came down and give individual apologies to each person she had been nasty to, including Hope.
  • After she was regulated, GB managed to do her homework without any intervention.
  • Hope had a hard morning today... she wouldn't dress until I told her I was driving them to school today and if she wanted to go in her birthday suit, I was okay with that. She didn't know what a birthday suit was, but after I explained she got dressed quickly.
  • This morning's conclusion: The most important thing you can teach your child is how to manage their disabilities/mental illness. I wish I had known that when J was growing up.


Ten Beautiful Years said...

Yup... I agree... would have better equipped our kids if I knew better!

Great job Momma!!!!

Anonymous said...

So ironic that you posted this today. I am a person who has a mental illness, BP Type 1, and just today was talking to my shrink about being able to recognize when things are going haywire upstairs.

They are for me right now, so time to nip it in the bud before it gets totally out of control and ugly.

What's a little psychosis between friends anyway?

It is THE most important thing I ever learned in the last many years is how to manage my head issues. I have been inpatient nearly 10 times and its really disruptive and discouraging (but also a relief when it is needed.)

I have been able to stay out for almost 3 years now! Which is really really good!

Anyway, you dont have to post this but I wanted you to know learning that now will help them so much as adults! Now, it is time for meds and bed for me.