Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Pro-Active Therapy Tuesday

I hate Therapy Tuesday. They range from bad to horrible. Rather than waiting to see what goes wrong, I decided today to write about what I am trying to do to improve the outcome.
  • I woke the girls early and made it a really slooow morning.
  • They are wearing comfortable clothes, my choice.
  • After they were done with breakfast, I offered them bananas with chocolate dipping sauce.
  • I had them pack their own snacks for the ride to the little city.
  • I have GB's iPod and headphones ready.
  • Night time medicine and PJs are out.
  • I am off to call contractors and get started on getting Hope out of GB's room.


Lee said...

I love how you work at changing things up. Hoping it went better as a result.

stellarparenting.com said...

3 things
I miss you
You are not alone.
You are a fabulous Mama.

PS - Ramona and Hope might make a pair that we can not handle!