Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the Thick of It

Hope raged twice yesterday when the Dad wasn't home. I didn't lose it, although I thought about it. Thankfully, GB earned her dollar and stayed out of the room. Hope stayed together enough in the afternoon to have a play date with the brother of one of GB's friends. It worked out well because the boy Hope was playing with has a PCA  all day Saturdays and their were three adults supervising four children.

This morning, Hope raged before we even got downstairs because there were no clean socks in her drawer. She knocked over a table and a chair, scratched, punched and hit me. She started screaming "I want Daddy" and something broke inside me. The Dad came and I told him to leave, he was not involved in this incident. It took until 11:30 before Hope gave up on waiting for Daddy. She finally calmed down. We cuddled and processed where we started (lack of socks) , result (2 1/2 hour meltdown), and consequence (She has to stay within three feet of me all day). She picked up the things she knocked over and threw. Then I let her cuddle her Daddy. She is now playing quietly with her doll at my feet.

Tomorrow, I will tackle SPOA again. I have no choice.


Anonymous said...

The Lord is your strength, The Lord is your strength... Dunno how else you could stand! The rage is hard. Mine is undergoing EEG testing to see if there is any brainwave regularity they can see and then.... He is six- it is difficult to be the object of such intense anger, even if it's "NOT PERSONAL".

angie said...

Mom I love u and pray for strength, I need HELP here too, but we r doing the best we can with all our love , and u juggle in your two grown children , myself included :p sometimes, I will just pray for strength. I did see that Hope really wants to love. I love u, stay strong.